Rich's McLaren 675LT

Having owned a McLaren 12c prior to the announcement of the 675LT, Rich didn't wait to put in his order for 1 of only 500 675LT Coupe's to be produced (not including the recently announced 500 'Spider' examples). However, the normal 'off-the-shelf' 675 wouldn't be enough for this Bay Area resident. Burdened with the intense decision of specifying how he wanted it to look, Rich reached out to me asking if I could help him with some renderings to preview his 675LT before it rolled off of the Mclaren assembly line in Woking, Surrey (UK). He wanted his to be special, and unique to his own tastes. With a quick design brief, I set of to create the renderings needed to envision his dream machine.

This would be a bespoke 675 made possible only by McLaren Special Operations, a customization service offered by Mclaren for clients looking to add their own personal touch to their cars. Rich insisted that his car's color was to be Mexico Blue, originally a color from the Porsche color palette. This unmistakable color highlights this car's aggressive shapes and exposes a few subtleties that you wouldn't normally notice. Passer-by's definitely won't miss it at a stop light, either. With 2 factory wheel designs to choose from, Rich opted for the 10 spoke wheels in the 'stealth' finish with bright orange calipers. To further add his personal touch, he wanted the renderings to showcase MSO fender vents and roof scoop (read the 'fun fact' at the bottom of this post for more information on that roof scoop).

The front and rear renderings were finalized and presented to McLaren, ensuring they would build Rich's 675LT to his exact specification. He was more than ecstatic with the way his renderings turned out and after taking delivery late last year, he is enjoying this wicked ride to it's full potential. I could he not, right?

FUN FACT: The top roof vent is a $43,000 USD option, on top of the 675's $349,500 USD base price. Not only is it functional, it adds even more induction noise from the 3.8L Twin Turbo V8 into the cockpit.